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Offwind - is a set of prediction tools for offshore wind energy generation. It is being developed by Offwind group which consists of several partners from different countries in Europe.


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Engineering Tools

Run a number of tools which will help you to make quick calculations and estimations.

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Advanced Tools

Utilize a power of CFD simulations based on OpenFOAM standard solvers. The simulations are being run at Offwind's backend servers.

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Wind Farms & Turbines

Here you will find some predefined models for popular windfarms and turbines. They can be used in your own cases.

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Partners area

A dedicated section for Offwind partners. Schedule, meetings, events and non-public materials.

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Help documentation, tips, questions-answers and tutorials for starters.

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Contact us

Jafar Mahmoudi, PhD
Chief Scientist at IRIS, Professor II at UiS
Office: (+47) 518 750 92
Mobile: (+47) 970 783 39
Email: jafar.mahmoudi@iris.no


Offwind Beta

A Beta version is available as a web-application.


First pre-release version of Offwind Tools

It's available for download. Awaiting for your reviews and feedback.


A new website launched

Happy to announce that a new, redesigned website is up and running.