Offwind Tools Help

Offwind consists of the following main parts:

  • Engineering Tools
  • Advanced CFD Tools
  • Wind Farms & Turbines database
  • Information area

Engineering Tools

These are a set of small utilities that help you to make some preliminary estimates and calculations. They are good quick and rough analysis that can help you with further advanced methods.

Engineering Tools consist of several modules:

  • Mesoscale Wind Database
  • Wind Farm Power Calculator
  • Wake Simulation
  • Wind Farm Control

Mesoscale Wind Database

This database is intended for getting information about wind characteristics in a certain area. The data in database was being collected during a long period of time and is stored in TAB-format.

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Wind Farm Power Calculator

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Wake Simulation

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Wind Farm Control

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Wind Farm Control-N

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Advanced CFD Tools

This set of tools is also known as OffwindSolver which is based on OpenFoam package and performs simulation of wind farm operating in offshore area.

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